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The North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (NEE CCG) announced its Care Closer to Home initiative would be run by Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE).

The contract, worth £240m over seven years, means ACE will provide services such as community nursing, falls prevention, audiology, cardiology and ophthalmology across Colchester and Tendring.

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That is superb news... wonderful endorsement of CICs too from the NHS and gov commissioning. 

Hi John - a great step forward in many ways demonstrating that the statutory disembalance of public services naturally migrates to the CIC model. 

In real budget terms it is a small contract over the 7 years but it is an indicator for any CIC in East Anglia that there is a style of Not for Profit the public sector will support in a large way. 

Too few CICs bid for public contracts - a CIC Construction firm would do really well on the maintenance of sheltered housing and social housing contracts because the most vulnerable should not be asked to create profits in commercial sectors. Literally operating at the best practice edge would offer Hosuing Associations and public landlords a real win. I can explain if anyone is interested. 

Great news 


UK outsourcing is begging for social solutions but the VCSE is too timid and makes the assumption that they can't win. They can. AND, commissioners want to buy from CICs. The only issue is confidence and perhaps audacity. 



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