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We are setting up a CIC and we use Sociocracy as a governance and decision making structure: we are in the process of amending our articles of association and wondering if there are any other CICs out there who are also using sociocracy so we can understand better how to amend our articles?

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Interesting, please keep us up to date on progress

I would definitely recommend contacting the Regulators Office and asking for clear guidance and examples of other CICs. We have many 'Co-operative' CICs but im not aware of a particular Sociology CIC.

One key issue is to ensure the articles of association reflect the decision making process you wish to adopt but I dont know enough about how Sociology works when in dispute to advise in more detail. I believe they collectively choose a smaller group to make the decision? 

Some work will be needed to alter any template (maybe the Co-operative templates will be best) but it should be easy enough to do.



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