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I founded HHPDA (Horses Helping People with Depression and Anxiety). We are looking to set up as a CIC, I currently have 1 Director who will be joining as Non Executive Director and deal with the accounts. We are looking for another Director largely for funding purposes, and the fact I am unable to do it all by myself!

It's imperative to find the right person. Looked at Reach Skills which is wonderful organisation however until we are incorporated we can not even register. Stuck :-/

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You can incorporate with two and add the third once you have sourced the right person? That way you can get onto Reach Skills asap, get back account in place etc at the same time.

Good luck

Thanks John. Is a long process to do add a 3rd Director?

The therapy sessions we will provide we are planning to charge around £120 per hour. This is very expensive to many potential clients so need funding. It will allow us to offer reduced rates to those not currently in work, or on a low income. This is the concern, hence urgency for the 3rd Director.

Many Thanks

No, doesnt take long at all (form AP01 is the one you will need)

The process is detailed at Companies House but is also in your Article of Association document, which I suggest you read to give you a good grasp of the general duties and responsibilities



Thanks John, I have read them, just a lot to remember :-)



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