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Documentation for a CIC re grants, awards, banking &c

I'm in the process of setting up a bank account for my CIC and have come across some some terms for documentation that sound a bit mysterious. Looking at Unity Trust's application form, I see I need to provide a business plan (fair enough), a constitution (can do one), the Articles of Association (still got the .gov templates) but also an Industrial & Provident Society Certificate, Rulebook and Trust Deed. These last items after the business plan were required for if I was intending to apply for grants - which I am.

My first thoughts were to just find a bank that didn't need all the paperwork but I thought as I'm just setting up that it would be useful to know what it all means and how critical it is for a CIC's existence. Rushing to find the 'accessible' bank may not be the best solution.

So, has anyone dealt with these docs before or has tips one creating on?:

Industrial & Provident Society Certificate

Rule Book

Trust Deed

Washing Up rota ;0)

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Sounds like they're using a form whcih really should only be for Co-ops, an IPS is a Co-op and a completely different set-up. Unity know well what a CIC is so it shouldnt be an issue




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