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Well after more than 20 years working in community enterprises meeting the challenges of government and EU opportunities - I decided to it was time to compete. I have been involved in writing and developing social policy from an economic standpoint for many as a bid writer and policy researcher.

The changes to the procurement activities of local authorities and the public sector as a whole enabled me to work across the world from my home office in Exeter. In the last couple of years the role of developing the CIC's I work with to compete in this market has grown and now particularly in Health and Social care with some of them winning lucrative contracts for the provision of local services.

The critical aspects is building the confidence of the CIC's to compete once achieved it becomes real fun to explore just how innovation is changing the delviery of services in the UK.


I run training, write tenders, bids and blogs, set up the infrastructure to ensure that all aspects of complaince are met from the outset and I challenge the processes used in procurement for CIC's when they are excluded


Its fun and very successful  

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Hi Mark


I was hoping you would be able to help me out.  My business partner and I are setting up a youth organisation called Aspire 2 Achieve.  We want to set it u as a CIC but not quite sure which type.  If you have a few minutes to spare to give us an insight on the different types that would help us very much.  If you need any more details please so not hesitate to ask.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Daniel Thompson

Hi Daniel


Always happy to offer any support


How would you like to do this? Chat on the phone or ping messages online?



Hi Mark, thanks for getting back so quickly.


If we could talk on the phone that would be very helpful 07904801138.  Myself or my partner Michael will answer.  


Look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Daniel


I will give you a call later today if that is OK



That will be great thanks
Hi Mark, sorry may have messaged you too late last week, please call us today, if that number don't work please dial 07825139183, many thanks



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