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The Regulators' Model constitutions for community interest companies:

introductory information and link to model constitutions

The model constitutions for community interest companies have been prepared with the assistance of lawyers experienced in the social enterprise sector. A range of different constitutions has been produced, so as to cater for different types and sizes of community interest company.

Each model constitution consists of a template memorandum and articles of association, and incorporates all the provisions required by the community interest companies legislation.

Every effort has been made to draft the model constitutions in plain English, and to make them as simple, concise and user-friendly as possible. The Regulator would welcome feedback from users as to whether the model constitutions and the explanatory notes meet applicants' needs.

It is not possible to produce "off-the-peg" constitutions which will suit every conceivable type and size of potential community interest company. Before using one of the model constitutions as the basis of your company’s memorandum and articles, you will have to make sure that it fulfils all your requirements - if it does not, you will need to amend it.

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The articles of association beginning at section 3 (Asset Lock) the numbering needs reformatting.

Hi everyone, I am trying to open this constitution template that is linked above....


Has anyone else had problems???? If anyone know where else i could find this document?

Just tried it and it looks ok now

I am a unsure of what a constitution is. Is this the articles of association (AOA) or is it a separate document?

When funders ask for your constitution, are they asking for your AOA?

@Bakare Yes it is the AOA



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