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My first post here so please be gentle!

A little bit of background. We've set up a cic that is in its first year trading but had to focus energies onto other project's and as a result only took for one single invoice for the accounting year (the invoice was for 2k).

We approached a few accounting organisations and have chosen one who have quoted us over £700 to get in our accounts (this price includes VAT). They are filing; Abbreviated accounts,  CIC34 form and the CT600 form - but the activity during that year was at the bare minimum so I just wanted to check if this was a normal flat rate to charge for one invoice or is it down to the accountants descretion to set the fee?

Thanks for any help!

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Well, I believe the fee really varies from accounting firms, and it is usually best to get at least 3 quotes. From experience the fee could be less from about  £300!

I could get this done for you so do let me know!

seems high to me - Our accountant charges seem to be related to turnover - We paid £480 in our first year (turnover of 25000) then £600 in our second year (turnover of £45000).

Out of interest my charges are £350 to £500 usually for doing this

Hey Dick - That sounds good - If you think you could talk to us about ours please send a personal msg - We are based in Leeds.

my email address is

Thanks everyone for the replies - very informative for the future.

And thanks Genny for the info and the costing, I had a suspicion we were being overcharged, alas we only managed to get a quote off one company so far..

Anyhoo, will be in touch should we require your services.

p.s. Which company are you with for contact details?

Well at the moment I am self employed but just setting up my Bookkeeping CIC will send you more details soon.



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