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Hi all,

Unfortunately, I have had my accounts declined twice by Companies House, even after I did everything as they asked me to do! 

Does anyone have a sample of any accounts for a small company they would be willing to share? I have been told the format I am submitting is incorrect.

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi Samina

Assuming you are a small CIC, Companies House should only need Abbreviated Accounts with a Balance Sheet, P&L and Form CIC34.

Have they provided feedback o what was wrong with your submissions.

Happy to speak and talk you through this is needed


M: 07526 716013

Hi Naresh,

Thank you for your response. I have just tried calling you on the below given number and I will try again this evening, as I will be going into a meeting shortly and then will be busy until around 7pm. Hopefully that is OK!

I will explain all the details when we speak.

Thank you :)



No call came through but 7pm is fine


I have sent you a text message. In case you don't get it, my number is: 07792 823019.


Hi Naresh,

Is this the correct number I am calling you on: 07526 716013


Hi Samina, Assuming you are filing for a 2016 year end and using FRSSE, one major change which could be preventing them is that you are using the FRSSE 2008 rather than the FRSSE 2015? Have a look on the balance sheet you are trying to file and see which you are using as it will say on there.

I hope that helps?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the above. I will look at the document, which I have just searched, that explains the FRSSE 2015.

Thanks again :)

As from 1st January 2016 Companies House no longer accept abbreviated accounts so I'm told and as far as I know HMRC have never accepted them on the basis of lack of detail for taxation purposes.



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