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Would anyone able to give me information how to declare a CIC company dormant for a year? If a company becomes dormant whether administration fees ( company accounts submission fees, accountant fees) can be paid from the dormant company bank account?  Can a CIC company  makes request for Strike-off while the company remain dormant, if necessary? 

Any advise will be highly appreciated please...

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hi Subrata - as always with queries like this, there's a wealth of published guidance (with lots of links) on the companies house and websites;

'starter for 10' = 

Hi Adrian

Thanks for your kind respond. I looked at the link you provided. I understand what remain a company dormant. Paying Accountant fees for the previous financial year and the Company House account submission fees are not part of trading or income. I just do'nt now how I tackle this. when the CIC company remain dormant. Do I need to close the Bank account? 


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