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We have been made eligable for Gift Aid, how, when and where can i claim it?

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Hi Nicola

What do you mean when you say made eligible?  That will help me understand where you are right now.

Also, have you seen , might be a useful as a turnkey solution for a reasonable fee.

Other than that your accountant should be able to process donations and claimif you've already had HMRC approval, but work out the costs and compare to the above. 

Good luck


Thank you.

I have got a letter from HMRC to say we can claim gift aid. Now I need to know my next steps. Im pretty sure I tried registering with local giving and couldnt.... cant remember the reason now but can look it up. So what are my next steps if I cant register with Local Giving? Has to be an accountant?

Thank You

I imagine with the approval from HMRC Localgiving will reconsider? What happened? Would be useful to know as I advise a lot of CICs on this.

With the confirmation of eligibility did get an  ID or authentication code from HMRC? 

local giving said no (i believe) because we cover the whole of the UK not just a local area.....

I am pretty sure we did yes.

I thought CICs couldn't claim Gift Aid? We are registered with Localgiving so we can claim through that, but I thought that was the only way. Have I missed something?!

Hi Debbie

If you were also a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) you could claim Gift Aid directly from HMRC as CASC's can also be CICs.

The only other entities that can claim Gift Aid are charities and you can't be both a CIC and a charity.


I think we became a CIC after HMRC gave us the gift aid, so is this something I need to look into now?

Can you send me a copy of the letter?  Were you a Charity? Direct email is

Do you currently deliver services nationally? If not and you are dealing with a few local areas you should consider reframing a project that will qualify on Localgiving or similar.

Can I ask why you converted to a CIC?


Hi Nicola

Yes. I think you need to check this with HMRC as I suspect you are no longer eligible to claim Gift Aid as a CIC

Better to find out before you claim the tax, than find out later that you have to repay it!



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