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I'm the director of a CIC and I'm looking for advice regarding the need to be VAT registered, or not. In brief, we deliver community projects focused on the repair and regeneration of youth club and community centre buildings, involving elements of volunteering and youth training. In our early days, most of our income was in the form of grants (from the Big Lottery Fund and similar) and, accordingly, at the time we incorporated we were advised that we didn't need to be VAT registered. However, the make up and level of our income has changed/increased (for example, many of our community projects are part-funded by local authorities and private sector partners/supporters, rather than being grant-dependent) and we are now wondering if the changing nature of our income means that we do now need to be VAT registered. Or is the 'trigger' regarding our need to be registered for VAT or not more about the services we deliver, rather than the nature of the income/funding we receive? It would be interesting to know whether most CICs in our position or similar are VAT registered or not. Many thanks in advance for any insight on this. Tim Reading

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