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I am required to submit our first accounts for a very small CIC, that provides piped spring water to 20 properties. Our income from users contributions for 16/17, was £700 and our outgoings were £700. We have no assets, liabilities or shares. Could anyone recommend an example of accounts that I could copy? Thanks Mike

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I would really like to know this too.  We can't afford accountants. I had just managed to work out how to do a balance sheet, which was acceptable in previous years, but now they say 'abbreviated accounts cannot be accepted for accounting periods that begin after 31/12/2015'

Hi Kate,

Just checked Companies House website and our accounts have been accepted. I would be happy to send you are copy or if you search for Rawhill Water Supply CIC on Companies House you will see our accounts. If you would like me to send you a copy please let me have your email address.

Regards Mike



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