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We are in the process of setting up our CIC and note that in the Articles it mandates that all meetings decisions need to be kept in a Minute Book.  Does this need to be a physical book?  Or can it be some form of virtual or electronic book, if such a book exists?  Our company only meets physically once a year and regular communication between the directors and committee is either via email or phone.  We also have a dedicated forum where our committee discuss issues and we make decisions.  

I know this sounds strange, but the company is set up to organise a home brew festival which takes place once a year, attended by home brewers from all over the UK.  Those helping to organise the event are scattered all over as well, so an electronic means would be good rather than written or printed physical books.

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Hello Bob


The attached link should answer your questions

Kind regards


Thanks for that.

Hello Jeremy

Please can I ask is this the same for CICs in Scotland as this is a charity document?





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