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From Funding Central

Guardian Charity Awards (Urgent)

Deadline: 05/08/2015.

Fund type: Grant.

Max value: Discretionary.

The Guardian Charity Awards seek to recognise and encourage UK charities that make an outstanding and valuable contribution to social welfare in the community.

Specialist Independent Advice, Advocacy and Brokerage of Support Services to Adult and Child Victims of DVA and Other Forms of VAWG (Urgent)

Deadline: 05/08/2015.

Fund type: Contract.

Max value: Discretionary.

Procurement opportunity for the provision of specialist independent advice, advocacy and brokerage of support services to adult and child victims of DVA and other forms of VAWG in Waltham Forest.

Innovating for Improvement (Urgent)

Deadline: 04/08/2015.

Fund type: Grant.

Max value: £ 75,000.

Grants are available to clinical teams to test and develop innovative ideas and approaches to improve health care delivery in the UK.


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