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I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some advice please.  I am currently in the process of compiling the paper work needed to register as a CIC.  At present I was hoping to register as just myself as director. I have a large management board involving a number of people to oversee and advise.  At a later date I would then appoint other directors as I do understand the importance of having more directors than just myself. 


I am just stuck at the moment with the Articles of Association as the template that I have is for more than 1 director.  If anybody has a template or a copy of articles for 1 director, I would very much appreciate any help or advice.


Many Thanks



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I would like to use your services - can you advise how I get in touch please - many thanks Dr Kim Brown

Are you the Angie Beal who is a LBWF councillor?  apologies if you arent!  Wendy Davis

Hi Wendy - No that is not me!  There must be another Angie Beal!

Best Wishes


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Mike Shamash and Wendy Davis for sharing their Articles with me.  I decided to give it a go myself and have just received my certificate of incorporation as a C.I.C.  Thank you both for your help, it has saved me having to pay out for legal fees.  Also, thank you to John Mulkerrin for making this site available to all to share information and gain support from others in a similar situation, making all our lifes a lot easier.

Best wishes


Congratulations Angie - glad was of some use!  and yes - echo your comments about John and the site - extremely useful -  John I didnt fill in the survey, cos unlike Angie am not yet registered   Wendy

I am hoping to tap into this old post as I am in the same position as Angie was and would really welcome reading through an example template for a CIC with 1 director. I am new to this forum so I hope this post does not vanish into the ether. If anyone could forward a template I would be eternally grateful!

Thank you

Hi Susan

will email a copy of my articles over to you - they are just an adaption of the template.  Probably also good to talk with someone who is more familiar with CIC set ups - Heidi Harris (convenor of accounts group) helped me - though I have engaged her as accountant.



Susan .. will need your email - you can get me via

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the offer to send over your articles and for your suggestion to speak with Heidi, I really appreciate it! My email:

Thanks again!

Hi Susan

I Will forward a copy of mine later this afternoon.  Mine are for 1 director limited by guarantee and are an adaption of both Mike's and Wendy Davis.  Like you I really struggled at first but it turned out to be quite a simple process in the end!  Good luck.  Angie

Fantastic Angie - I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by it all but your words are very encouraging! Thanks very much, 


I'm interested in peoples experience of completing CIC36 and any issues they may have had with the regulator approving it.  Having been involved in setting up charities, I'm used to making this sort of social case but wondered if there were things that the regulator picked up on as not meeting the test.  Examples of completed forms might also be useful.  Thanks.



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