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Hi, I am in the process of setting up a CIC Limited by Guarantee. I have 2 other people interested in being a Director, however one lives in the USA. She would be a perfect fit for my model, and we plan to replicate our vision here in NYC so wondered if we could have an International Executive Director to manage International Operations? (Struggled to find any information on overseas Directors)

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Nicola

As far as I'm aware there is no requirement for a company director to be a UK resident, but if the director ever visited the UK they would need the legal right to work. See for more info. If they were paid a salary, tax would have to be paid according to US law, so that's another thing to consider. Immigration and tax law is not my area, but hope this helps!

Best wishes


James, fantastic thank you. So maybe the Director could be on board without a salary (or even as a non-executive Director), but then consult into the CIC as External Advisor for payment upon invoice rather than a salary, so she addresses her tax issues accordingly?

I am in the Arts & Music field and you have just opened up a new can of worms for me - but I guess artists' management will understand where their teams are legally allowed to work.

Thanks you.


That sounds possible. Practically, it's probably better for all directors to be UK based so they can attend board meetings, and have the US person as a consultant/advisor.



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