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Hi! I am new to this group and am just completing my CIC36.  I'm not quite sure what to write when it asks 

"If the company makes any surplus it will be used for…"  Can anyone help?  What are the options?  "It will be used for ploughing back into the CIC"??!

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Just put something like "If the company makes any surplus it will be reinvested to futher our activities" if this is what you are going to be doing with profits.

Thanks James. I thought I would writ something like that but wasn't sure what the options were...

I stated what my aims were and how I would give back to the community, different projects I had planned and how money raised would be distributed hope this helps. I'm happy to forward my form if you need it

Hey Jemma, I would LOVE to take a look at your form if you wouldn't mind?  That would be SUCH a help!

Sophia, if you go to and type in the name of any CIC, you can view their incorporation papers, including the CIC36.

Oooh! Now that IS useful to know! Thanks James.



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