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Guidance on how to set up a CIC especially where communities need to work together before they actually create the CIC e.g. collect funds commission work from advisors ahead of formation as some market testing or preparatory work

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Bank account appropriate for a CIC 4 Replies

HelloA Charity I founded has been with NatWest for a decade. Whenever we want to change who has access, it's a complete pain! I wish to avoid these issues when we set up a CIC.What banks are best…Continue

Started by George Pepper. Last reply by Pete Scott Nov 16.

Prescribed particulars

Hi,Anyone got any advice on specific content for Prescribed Particulars for a CiC ltd by shares, small membership, schedule 3??Not quite sure how much or little to add from the articles...ThanksJonContinue

Started by Jon Rolls Sep 27.

Which set up? 4 Replies

Hi. I have just registered as a sole trader and now realise that I should have set up a CIC.  What paperwork do I need to complete?  Thank you.Continue

Started by Tanya Hayter. Last reply by James Macfarlane Jul 22.

Land as an asset 1 Reply

Hi guysHello! Totally new to this space! Myself and are husband are setting up a project in Wiltshire that we are looking to establish as a CIC. We own the land that the project is going to happen…Continue

Started by Grace Dalgleish. Last reply by John Mulkerrin Jul 8.

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Comment by Wendy Sarah Davis on May 20, 2012 at 17:41

Thanks to John for steering us in the membership rather than shareholder direction for our CIC. Have completed the draft articles. Anyone who would like to see them / use them / copy them is more than welcome - email me at    Wendy

Comment by Peter Sandy on May 16, 2012 at 21:11

Hi John - thanks for a great reply. A phone call on Friday would be great.

Yes, boxing does have impact socially; I think you would find the atmosphere in the club interesting in that regard. We would love if you could come - I'll explain more when I call on Friday.

Thanks again


Comment by John Mulkerrin on May 16, 2012 at 19:40

Hi Peter

To some extent you can have it as you want it, obviously the simpler the better but having participation of parents is easy enough to achieve as far as setting up the structure is concerned, key thing is making sure you have the right balance of participation and leadership to suit your own activity.

Boxing creates amazing social impact, if your near a tube station id be happy to pop along to see you in action, non contact boxing has got me curious! Failing that we're on the end of a phone to discuss, i'll be on 0203 262 3044 on Friday 1-5ish if that suits.


Comment by Peter Sandy on May 16, 2012 at 18:15

I am setting up a CIC (by guarantee) for an established non-contact boxing club for 8-16 year olds in East London, which is currently the project of a charity.

We want to involve parents quite deeply in decision-making and in taking on roles like helping with monitoring, and developing new initiatives.

We're trying to understand what the consequences would be of making all parents members of the CIC.

Perhaps we should invite 4 onto the board, alongside the 3 founders? If that was too big a step for them, should we be thinking of them more like school/parent governors, elected at the AGM?

Can we set our own 'rights and responsibilities for members?

We would be very grateful if anyone in this excellent forum could offer some pointers about how these ideas would work out in a CIC format, ideally with parents as its members.

Comment by Wendy Sarah Davis on April 26, 2012 at 22:57

Excellent meeting with John Mulkerrin this afternoon. It's like we have been exploring a room over many months - and John has told us - hey - open the door! there are lots more rooms in the house...  thanks John!

Comment by Geof Cox on November 5, 2011 at 1:32

I'm afraid no-one can clear up the confusion Bel.

While everyone agrees that social enterprise (verb) means using business models and methods to achieve a social benefit - doing business to do good - nobody agrees on what 'a social enterprise' (noun) is.  No wonder both business link and lawyers are floundering.

I've long tried to get across the message that talking and thinking about social enterprise as a kind of organisation, rather than something individuals and organisations can DO, just causes confusion!

The truth is that the CIC form was created for social enterprise - but most social enterprise is done through other kinds of organisations, and many say that some CICs are not social enterprises because they do not trade, or at any rate do not earn enough of their income from trading.

In terms of local authority funding, CIC status usually helps, but it is true that you can strengthen your appeal to funders by beefing up the 'not-for-profit' aspects of your constitution - see this discussion for more detail.

Comment by Michael Hallam on August 4, 2011 at 13:11


Does anyone know how on earth one goes about deciding which SIC code[s] to define ones business activity by. [For the Companies house Anual Return form AR01]


Comment by Jeff Mowatt on December 14, 2010 at 21:13

Preceding comments on using CICs to create microfinance prompts me to offer the insights from the interview in 2004 about doing this in Russia and Ukraine. The strategy was to leverage microfinance by making the case for development initiatives to be funded by US government. The community investment approach is to invest profit in creating strategy plans.


As a follow on ferom my conversation with John about 'no more scraps' something closer to home which may now justify our creating a CIC. Business Secretary Mark Prisk recently described plans to extend the financial guarantee scheme to small investors in CDFIs such that Big Society may fund social enterprise.


This and the recent awareness of the need to fund rural broadband improvements creates new opportunity for a business plan fron 2004, where profits would be invested in CDFIs and directly into social enterprise activity.


The History of Vision section may be of interest in the context of both CICs and Big Society.    


What I'm saying here is that there is opportunity for many CIC partners as franchise operators and in spite of the closed behaviour of councils and RDA, we as a prospective community interest company hold copyright on this broadband community investment plan.


So if anyone is interested in working with us, the social bit of social enterprise, I'll be pleased to meet you. 





Comment by RubyMoon on October 25, 2010 at 12:39
Hello, I am doing something very similar- selling a product at cost price plus all profit to micro credit for women in dev. world. I am setting up the CIC within November and have been recommended to a company who will do it all for you for 125.50 incl VAT plus companies house charges
contact matt on for his advise.
Comment by John Mulkerrin on October 25, 2010 at 12:32
He-he! A man after my own heart! im doing something very similar with , so would definitely enjoy a chat personally.

Should also be able to signpost you to what you need, amongst the members/ stakeholder contacts we have pretty much all the skills we need, its just taking us a little time getting it all organised, feel free to get involved!

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