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Why do the commentors asume that making profit is bad? CIC's are profit making enterprises, as they should be, otherwise they would not be in business.

The ones that are set up to suck up funding are the ones which have been formed from previous public services as a way of continuing to pay staff out of the charitable purse. Which should never have been allowed but appathy is the greatest scourge of the world today and these things will continue to happen until the appathy ends and people take control over what happens. Take note of how they change the world in Egypt!


The community sector, third sector, Big Society, watch this space for the next buzz phrase! Whatever we are called, we do the same thing, we have the good of the ordinary people at heart and are not consumed with making the most money out of a job as we can. Although large charities sometimes pay astoundingly large salaries. So long as we can find the money to produce our work and get a reasonable salary, most of us are happy, yet we must make profit for continuation of services. So please everyone, get to grips with the fact that CIC's do and should make a profit but those profits are not for distribution.


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