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Market Share for Social Enterprises in Public Sector contracts set to grow

Isn't legislation wonderful if you can work out how to use it to your advantage!

Changes to specific regulations and new acts of Parliament have made the social benefit and local proximity of a service provider easier to work with.

The expected impact of this for procurement is that local traders will be able to secure more medium value contracts and well structured, test consortia will be able to bid for higher value.


There is a major concern with the buyers - it is reflected in the current crop of contract opportunities and responses to the tenders, it is the lack of business confidence the Social Enterprises have in their ability to deliver.

That often comes down to the way the response it written and a feeling that somehow we lack the track record to compete.

To win contracts as a sector we need to be more confident - demonstrate the benefits and start to explore ways of making the Social Enterprise the first choice for outsourced local authority services.

If you think that you could compete but don't know how - try Procurement Connection or contact me and lets see if we can help


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