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I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some advice please.  I am currently in the process of compiling the paper work needed to register as a CIC.  At present I was hoping to register as just myself as director. I have a large management board involving a number of people to oversee and advise.  At a later date I would then appoint other directors as I do understand the importance of having more directors than just myself. 


I am just stuck at the moment with the Articles of Association as the template that I have is for more than 1 director.  If anybody has a template or a copy of articles for 1 director, I would very much appreciate any help or advice.


Many Thanks



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I'm interested in peoples experience of completing CIC36 and any issues they may have had with the regulator approving it.  Having been involved in setting up charities, I'm used to making this sort of social case but wondered if there were things that the regulator picked up on as not meeting the test.  Examples of completed forms might also be useful.  Thanks.

Hi David

CLICK HERE for an example completed form from the Regulators website.

As for the Regulator picking up on things that dont meet the test, i cant speak on their behalf but would guess not. Dealing in arms, being politically active or an actual contravention of the regulations aside I doubt you have much to worry about, the annual statement is a simple way to communicate to the Regulator how you have got on trying to achieve your objectives.

' I have tried to raise funds via 3 grant applications, none have been successful and we havent been able to create any impact this year for our community of interest' would be ok.

I use this example as it is usually only a concern until you have done the first one, many CICs take time to get rolling and can be worried that the Regulator takes a view as to how you have performed, which isnt the case.

As this is a thread discussing single director CICs and not the CIC36 i'll leave it at that but if you want to ask more please start a new thread or add to the existing threads on the CIC36.


Hi Mike, Angie and Wendy,

This link was passed to me by John Mulkerrin (thanks John!!!)

My name is Judith Denton.

I too am in the process of setting up a CIC and am being challenged with how to complete the articles of association as sole director and member with a view to having more directors and members in the future.

Would either of you or all of you be able to help by emailing me a copy of your would be greatly appreciated. Mike I've contacted you through your website and Angie I've contacted you through another link.

However here's my email address:

Look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Many Thanks in advance
Best Wishes


@ Heidi Fisher Are you still able to give guidance in cic set up?

This might help people, down loaded from

Attached in word for a Articles of Association for company limited by shares

Hope it might help


Welcome Darren

The CIC Regulators models are set up for 'more than one' Director, here's a link to a limited by Guarantee single director


I treid to access the link as per John Mulkerrins reply as below. Is it possible to repost the link as it seems to be broken?

The CIC Regulators models are set up for 'more than one' Director, here's a link to a limited by Guarantee single director

Warm Regards,

Hi Gavin

Here you go

Best of luck


Dear John,

THank you.

Warm Regards,

Courtesy of Geof Cox

Single Director Limited by Guarantee Articles of Association



Hello, this seems like an old thread now, but I am struggling with the same issue. I am setting up as a single Director with the intention of inviting more directors on board at a later stage. Right now, I just need to get registered to get the funds already pledged to me. I want to make sure that I am getting the Articles of Association correctly worded first time round. Can anyone offer any advice, please? Thanks.



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