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I was advised by the CIC regulators office that the role of chair could be appointed to any first member OR director (of a private cic ltd by guarantee). However in the Articles of  Association article 10 states "The Directors may appoint one of their number to be the chair of the Directors" Which has now confused me, is this "number" the number of subscribers to the memorandum, or .  So, quite simply, can a member be appointed as chair for the cic, or do the directors have to choose a chair from amongst themselves?  
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Apologies, seems I deleted part of the above query. Correction below:

"is this "number" the number of subscribers to the memorandum, or is this the number of collective directors"

 If they chose a non director member for chair then that process of choosing would make the non board member a board member in effect.

Chair can be executive or non-executive



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