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Hello all,

I am entering year of two running a CIC as the sole director, but with someone acting as the second bank signatory.

I have now hit the age old problem of needing two or more directors to apply for further funding.

I have significant control of the company and wish to keep it that way, and know that any new director needs to be registered with Companies House, but I wondered if:

a. appointing a NED was a good option

b. if anyone had another option

And if I do need to appoint a NED, I wondered if I needed to:

1. have an official record of inviting the person to become a NED

2. create a contract between the CIC and the appointed NED

3. change my articles of association

Also, the person I would like to appoint runs a charity with whom my CIC works in partnership (which we pay for services), but he would come on board as an individual, not as a person associated with that charity. The charity he works for is also our asset lock. Is there any potential conflict here?

Many thanks, Ali

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