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I am working on terms and conditions and other features to try and get the CIC on a good legal footing before we really start up and came up against the issue of Information control.  

Looking at the website on this, it talks about exemptions.   

As part of the business will be an e-commerce site, we would, as I understand it, need to register because we would then be a 'data controller'.  

However, it then goes to list some further exemptions, including:

'some not-for-profit organisations.' 

It doesn't give any more details as to which kinds would qualify.  Can anyone comment authoritatively on whether CIC's are exempt?

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CICs by the simple fact of being of a CIC are not exempt, it is the activity of the CIC and the purpose of the data that decides whether the exemption applies. Basic guidance here with a contact to ask for further clarification:

Looking at your previous posts re selling various/creative/music products I would say yes you will need to register

Best of luck


Thanks.  I suspected that was going to be the case



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