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Can a CIC get CASC status? YES ( Community Amatuer Sports Club)

The governing docs will have to be written carefully, and not all CICs will qualify, but in principle there's no reason why an amatuer sports club cant be a CIC and a CASC. Confirmed with HMRC 27th July 2010.


Here's the link to thier detailed notes:

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In discussion with clients regarding this issue and discovered that HMRC are still being vague on this. The CIC regulator is in no doubt that it should be possible, the problem is with HMRC department dealing with CASC's does not seem to be aware of CIC's.

Hi Robin

I had the same reaction when I first approached them, but thats mainly down to an individual not being up to speed. There is nothing vague in the facts, CICs can qualify, simple (assuming they fit the general criteria) have you looked at the guidance notes link above? 


If you get told anything different let me know who is saying it and i'll take it up with them also. 

Hi, I'm looking for some guidance on this as the local council have decided not to give me discretionary relief even though they gave me mandatory relief when I first opened in September. They have since took the relief away which is a huge financial burden which the CIC cant afford. They said if I was a CASC then I would get the relief. Could you point me in the right direction to go with this? How easy is it change to a CASC? and is this the best option?

Thanks Alun

Hi Alun,

It is definitely possible for a CIC to also be a CASC and we have been through the process with a number of sports clubs now. As you are already registered as a CIC you will need to file a resolution to adopt new articles of association that also meet the CASC requirements, we are able to prepare these for you. You would still be a CIC and you do not have to give up that registration.
What sport does your club play?

Hi Robin. Thanks for the quick response. We are an indoor football centre that do coaching and provide facilities to other local football clubs. We have just had a state of the art gym fitted and run by a local charity SLAM but the council are still not playing ball so I think a CASC is the only way to go.

The issue may actually be if you are considered a "club" yourself. 

We currently run 4 teams from ages U7-U10 and I'm expanding it in the next few months to cater for ages U11-U13. Surely that proves that we are also a club?
Is there any reason not to apply as a CASC as well will it effect anything later on..or how the club has to run..i saw a funding pot that would be good for us to get as a CASC. We are a skateboard club.
Thanks Dale

Generally no, it could work well for you




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