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Normal companies "trade as" all the time. You don't see O2 plc on the TV ads, but on their documentation and contracts somewhere it will explain "O2 plc trading as O2".

Is there any regulation to stop a CIC from doing the same? Could one be a CIC and drop the CIC from your marketing literature? [Assuming you'd want to do such a thing.]

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but isn't this one of the main reasons of taking CIC status? to be able to clearly identify yourself in the marketplace as a social enterprise.

To not want to use the tag in your public identify would mean, well - would mean asking the question of why be a CIC at all, and not another legal form that will offer you asset locks, etc and more freedoms over what you call yourself?

Would be interested to know what's promoted the question.
I know it seems slightly bizarre, it was a question that came from someone I'm talkign to regarding the best legal status for them.
Essentially they want the CIC status to appease their customers (government funders) but don't want to confuse their consumers (the public who needs debt advice).



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