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Hi all, i'm in the nice position that a local company wants to have my cic as his companies, charity of the year,  i was just wondering if there was anything that is wrong in this or anything i should look out for when promoting our relationship to the public. There's no ethical reason why we shouldn't be associated, just wanted advice on the whole topic really, what description to use or any tax issues, i have already stated that at this early stage we wouldn't want to be involved in a cut from the profits of a product they sell to keep out of all the major tax issues, is there anything else i should be doing?  thanks guys n gals 

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Hi Ashley

Nothing wrong at all, messaging will need tweaking as you are not a charity but you clearly deliver charitable activity

Good luck

Hi john and thank you, so often i find myself doing it all the right way but that one little doubt makes me seek out the higher authority on the matters. I guess confidence will come with experience. Free advice is cheaper than a law suit. Thanks 



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