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As part of our ongoing work to develop products and services for the CIC community, we are pleased to announce the first pilot CIC Bonds, and are looking for CICs who are interested in taking part to register their interest.

You do not have to have a fantastic business plan, but it wouldnt hurt if you do. Key thing is that the community would want to support you, and that you can clearly evidence strong social impacts from any investment/grant.

We are looking for diversity in the pilots,  you would be seeking to raise between 10k and 1 million.

This is a completely new way for CICs to raise funds.


Please email or call 0203 262 3044 to arrange an initial discussion.

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Hi John

I have an potential investor in Citizen Coaching CIC who is very interested in investing in a bond with us, is there a discussion document or draft I can show them?


Hi John

Thanks for the chat the other week. As a newly formed CIC, Community Scrap Shack are keen to attract funding/investment to continue developing services which will benefit individuals and organisations working with children and vulnerable adults within our community. We are very interested in hearing more about the CIC Bonds as soon as information is available.



Community Scrap Shack CIC



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