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Hello, I am looking for any form of advice,help on how to edit the article of association and memo as I am starting the CIC as an individual (on my own).

This will be a CIC limited by Guarantee; I have a partner who would like to be part of the company but not as a director, how could I include him? what position and how do I fill these forms in so I am sole director and my partner is more like a member(silent).

Please help as we are starting from scratch and do not have funds to pay an agent.

Email me directly

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Hi Clair

Here is a link to the attachment!


And here is the link to the Regulator's guidance, which has very good examples and guidance on completing the forms :

Best of luck


Cant download the file for some reason, so here is a link to it attached to a previous post:

Thank You ever so much! John

Hi Claire, I'm in the mixt of setting also my CIc solo, very hard to find someone willing to have some responsabilities of any sorts. :(

So your post is really helpfull.

I will send you an email to chat further more.



Hi John, Many thanks but I cannot seem to find the attached example, would you kindly email it to me directly! I need this as I am stuck.


Sorry the link I sent was the wrong one! Ive updated so try it now and it is the first reply on the thread.

Ive also attached here

Best regards



Hi John,

I cannot thank you enough. This has been very helpful. 




From Funding Central


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