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Hi all, I’m currently a chairperson for a charity that manages a community centre and a director of a CIC that rents space in the community centre, from the charity.

I originally set up a CIC from the charities building for 2 reasons:
1) help sustain the charity by paying rent from the CIC to the charity for the use of space.
2) pay myself and the other directors a wage and could do this through the charity.

4 years down the line, I’m exploring how to manage this situation more effectively but have in mind, the conflict of interest situation.

So I’m considering wether the charity can manage the CIC and if so, can the directors take a wage from the CIC then pay all profits back to the charity?

Can the CIC manage the charity to ensure the building and community maintains all the benefits it’s receives from having the charity in place.

With all this is mind, and the lack of officers to manage them both separately, what are the forums thoughts please?

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