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At we are part of a growing network of over 300 radio and TV stations, with about 170 now broadcasting on FM, and most of the rest hoping to follow very soon.

We are a varied bunch with one primary objective, to se serve our communities. For some that is a geographical area (like Felixstowe), others may have an ethnic bias, others follow a musical genre, there's even a station for oldies (like me).

As with most CICs we have talent aplenty, and can offer media skills to the whole sector. Our team contains experts, we can create web sites, see as an example (she's one of our directors as well), prepare radio programmes, jingles, write copy, make movies, design sets, record bands or conferences and promote causes.

We are effective because we are committed and professional. We know our business, and we want to help the community.

Isn't that what a community interest company should do?

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