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Hi all, I'm sure this will be of interest to everyone.

Companies House are trialing a new service whereby CICs can file their accounts online. This will save accountants fees and hopefully the final version won't be too onerous!

As I mentioned it's just at the trial stage, more info at Companies House. It looks like registered parties will be given an access code to a secure shared page so that Companies House can see the completion progress and tweak the final version. I know it will save us around £700 per year. Have a look at their website, the registration email is below.


Adam Freeman

Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company

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Wow! Any direct link to this Adam?

Update re an online CIC filing OPTION.

According to Companies House (as of 07.03.19) it's still in discussion and no trial/beta version available at the moment.  

For the time being it's paper accounts





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