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I am trying to get funding to start a creative workshop in Halton Cheshire. I have been trying to find the right people to approach to cater for my needs but I keep drawing a blank or get bamboozled by the funding offered.

The workshops are for the benefit of people who may struggle with social inclusion in many different ways such as, disability,clinical depression and confidence issues,rehabilitation(drug and alcohol abuse) ex/repeat offenders etc.

If anyone reading this can offer any guidance or advice or maybe you require a little more info I would be grateful to hear from you. Thanks.

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Big Lottery Awards for All? Happy to have a quick telephone chat if want, try and catch me 0203 262 3044.I generally try and be available for calls on Thurs/Fri afternoons

Have you been on a funding workshop ?

As a first step into the World of fund-raising they give you an appreciation of how, what and where. I agree, it can be bamboozling, trendy buzz-words and liberal use of acronyms making it feel like you’ve landed on planet zog.

The truth is that when you understand the basic principles it all kinda fits into place.

The following contacts run a workshop - Richard Hall or Toni Saraiva at Enterprise Europe network on 02380 20 61 62 - or e-mail your details to


I hope this helps


And good luck



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