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Hi Everyone,

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place. I'm on various forums for hobbies etc. and this has a different layout. Got two questions, one minor and one major...

Minor. Does this forum work with Tapatalk or any other smart-phone app? I like to post on the trot, but no worries if not.

Major. I'm having trouble getting our CIC formed at Companies House. I've set up loads of Ltd. companies over the years (architecture practices and development companies) and my registration agent has always been fine, but the CIC process seems to be giving them lots of trouble. I knew about the process being very stringent, understandably so, but my agents (who are employed by my accountants) appear to be unable to make a valid application. They've been trying since November and are now on their third attempt. I'm presuming this is not normal and am making alternative plans if the latest attempt fails (we'll find out if their latest attempt has worked in 2 or 3 weeks, beware the ides of March!) I'd be really grateful for your experiences, thoughts and perhaps recommendations.

Cheers Hugh

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The mobile version of this site works fine for me (and is what I'm using now).

It's hard to say without knowing exactly what issues your agents are having. Have they submitted papers which Companies House have rejected, and if so can you upload here for me (and others on the forum) to have a look?

Kind regards



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