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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question but couldn't find anything else in a search. Can anyone please advise re regulations about fundraising. I've been asked by a couple of business' if they could have fundraising tins  for counters. Is this allowed? I'm thinking there are some rules around collecting the money and do I need formal permission from anyone? 

I'd be grateful for any advice or signpost to any regs please. 

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Hi Karen

This is the best guidance I have found and perhaps the best place to ask further questions:

Further to this, CICs can also register to receive donations with Gift Aid at organisations such as, assuming the activity itself needs to be charitable and yours certainly is.

Best of luck



I was wondering about this too. Because we get donations once in a while. Thats acceptable for a CIC isnt it?




From Funding Central


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