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Hi John me again,

These are the following information we need help with, if possible:

We are trying to complete forms IN01 for a community centre (C.I.C):

Part 1: A2A7 which option is it for a community centre?

A8 what do you mean by restricted articles?

Part2:B1 is it optional to have a secretary?

C1 what's a corporate secretary? Is it optional?

D1 how many directors are needed?

D4 is the director's residential address necessary?

Part 3: is it necessary to complete this part? Once registered we will be applying for funding.

Part 4: is it necessary to complete this part?

Once registered we will be applying for funding. Memorandum of Association: when it says each subscribers, does it mean director(s), secretary?

Can a residential address be used just to register until a suitable property is available?

Please indicate if there is a C.I.C office in London that we could go to for help.

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Minet

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Hello Minet!

A few of the answers really depend on what type of CIC you are going to be. 

Do you know if you want to be a Limited by Share or Guarantee? A4 - If you use the CIC templates you should tick Option 3 on A7

A8 is highly unlikely to be relevant but please give more information

Part2B1 - Yes

C1- its a company secretary that is a company rather than an individual, yes it is optional

D1- One minimum

D4 - Usually yes, unless it has been listed in D2

Part 3 and Part 4 - You will complete one of them. If a share CIC Part 3, if a Guarantee CIC Part 4

Use residential until suitable alternative - Yes

I guess we're as close to an office in London as there might be, always happy to arrange a coffee centrally. There are over 1500 active CICs in London now so Id also suggest reaching out via the wider social enterprise movement 



Thank you John!

We'd love to meet up with you for tea/coffee in the near future.

In the meantime have a great Easter break.




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