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We are having some problems with a rogue Director, where all the others have resigned and he is appointing his friends to Directorships. A request for an AGM has been refused, and looking at our Mem & Arts there is no provision for the membership to call an AGM or to dismiss a Director.

Are there other CIC regulations which might include these provisos?? The only thing remaining is that the resignation of the final other Director could not have been accepted, because our M&As demands there be at least two, who are then responsible for appointing the new ones.

I get the feeling that only an appeal to the CIC Regulator would work? Or have we as the membership hamstrung ourselves with the constitution?

Thanks so much


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Have you read through your Articles of Association? It seems strange you dont have a system to call an emergency meeting.

This is more of a Company House issue than a CIC regulation one, but do contact the Regulators office and ask for guidance



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