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Hello to everyone on here helping each other...i am in the process of setting up a C.I.C that will act as a community space and cafe, to support the community by hosting a youth club with directed activities such as art, music and sport as well as other training and education programs. The main aim is to create a hub of well-being and positive social action. My own venture TEAMS (see Facebook page) is a training program for health and well-being in young people using art and sport to promote and sustain positive mental health and citizenship to those most vulnerable in their communities. Here is the problem i am unsure of the correct way to go about filling in the forms, i have very little entrepreneurship skills for the paperwork but want to get as much advice as i can to give the project the best shot at coming into existence. Any advice or help would be so welcomed you could be the conduit that helps me help others.

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What help do you need Leon?

Happy to arrange a call if you direct message me at

Best of luck




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