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How are organisational structure and social/environmental performance related?

Dear members of the CIC association,

my name is Christian Twiehaus, I am a master's student at Maastricht University and currently I conduct research on CICs.

I am investigating how an organisation's structure is related to its economic, social and environmental performance. So far, the impact of structure has only been investigated with regard to economic performance.

If you have an organisational structure and you have been tracking your social and/or environmental performance IN ANY FORM (I only need a subjective indication for the impact in each of the past 5 years), I would be incredibly grateful if you are willing to help me.

If you have not yet participated but have about 30 minutes time for me, please send an e-mail to

You can also find my questionnaire attached. Please take a look if the questions make sense for your organisation.

Thank you very much and best wishes,

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