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'If there's a crime we'll shut it down' says CIC Regulator

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project manager for Supporting Our Brave was arrested just before Christmas on suspicion of fraud by misrepresentation and theft.


A spokesman for the CIC regulator, which oversees 4,455 community companies in the UK, said: "We have talked with police. This is the first time anybody from one of our companies has been arrested, and we will take the allegations very seriously.


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At first sight, this looks like a spiteful and frivolous allegation by someone who fails to understand the difference between a CIC and a Charity. Time will tell, but no doubt the damage will have been done...

Interesting and well informed blog on this issue here: This case was supposed to be going to Court, does anyone know the outcome? Either way, CIC's need to be aware that openly soliciting donations from the general public may well discredit the movement: we are not charities and there should be no fudge. That said, I am not surprised the public is confused about our status, as most people I speak to in Scotland have no idea what we are:

Make no mistake, it is morally wrong for any non-charitable shop to collect money in the knowledge that people would believe it to be a charity. The council obviously believes this, too, because it has issued a warning about door-to-door collectors doing the same thing and intends to tighten the rules.




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