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Hi to community members,


I would like to introduce myself.  I am an accountant and until recently have worked for a  number of organisations in the "Third Sector" including a building society that became a bank in the North east  ( yes that one) , the Co-op and Councils.  I have now set up my own limited company.  However, i am keen to develop a couple of cics - a consultancy and a web based service.  I hope i may pick up some ideas by joining the Association and in time make some worthwhile contributions.

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Hi David

we're looking to build the skill sets within CICs, so your more than welcome. There's a lot of activity on facilitating consultancy/web based services going on in a number of different ways, and there's plenty of opportunity for positive collaboration. You should say hello to David Cox who's not a million miles away from you, and Heidi Harris, who's looking at how we can best provide accountancy services to CICs (both can be found by searching the members alphabetically)
We're planning centralising some of these services and also hope to put an online marketplace online in due course.


Hi John, thanks for the advice. I will look up David and Heidi. As i start to understand some of the issues i will hopefully be able to make some sensible suggestions.



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