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Hi - I would like to introduce myself and my new CIC. I am Jonathan Lloyd, I am an Insurance Broker with 25 years (plus) experience - I am a rather strange hybrid in that I am also a counsellor and hypnotherapist. I have a private practice and I also lecture in counselling and hypnotherapy. I recent started Calm Minds Insurance CIC - because I wanted my new venture to reflect my values - that of a therapist and a spiritual person - thats why Calm Minds Insurance is a CIC. I will be offering an ethical service - transparent,  and environmentally aware to other not-for-profit businesses. Thats why we are totally upfront about commissions on every invoice, we plant a tree for each policy sold and we only recommend policies that you actually need. I am also including a counselling service to my clients ,their staff and families together with stress reduction programmes and well-being days. Wherever possible I will fund reduced or free counselling to anyone on the autistic spectrum - I have a particular interest in this area - as I have an autistic son and my MA in counselling researched how the Dads cope, and I currently help a number of young people on the spectrum from around the North West. 

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