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We are a small festival society, (Kilsyth International Carnival Society) founded as KICS in 2003 by three friends, that decided to incorporate as a CIC a couple of years ago primarily due to concerns about legal liability, but also to hopefully improve our governance and enable growth.

We organise a multi-cultural carnival in this former weaving and mining town of 10,000 people in the Central Belt of Scotland. It attracts around 5,000 people every year. We also run a Taiko drumming band for young people, and some workshops in carnival arts.

In 2010 we are heading into exciting new territory, backed by European funding and with significantly increased support from our local authority. Nevertheless, we raise more than 50% of our funds from trading income.

We are happy to do business with other CICS, or indeed, provide mutual support if you have compatible areas of service and development. For example we could promote your micro-brewery or food products, use your printing services, etc etc...

we can be contacted via out website,

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Hi Rob,
In Chester we have recently set up a similar kind of cic to yours. In Chester we have a tradition for Giant building that can be traced back at least 500 years. We took this cultural and heritage idea and created ChestertheGiantCity cic (formed Feb 2009) which is all about building community Giants; creating a community museum for Giants; and enhancing or creating Festivals. This year we added our giants to a mediaeval midsummer watch parade and increased the footfall into the city on one day from 30,000 to 70,000. I think relative to the number of people we have in our city compared to your town I think we can both say that we have shown that creating this type of a cic has great potential.

I am sorry to see that you did not managed to get your matched funding in place this year. Cash is always the difficult one; 'in-kind is always easier.
That sounds like a lot of fun. I know Chester very well, used to live there in fact.
We have giant puppets too! But you are welcome to bring yours along next summer if they feel like a stroll up the Pennines in their seven-league boots.
We are right under the Antonine Wall, so like Chester we have significant Roman heritage in Kilsyth.
Hi Rob,
How bizarre is that, that you used to live in Chester. Thank you for your offer of to bring a Giant to your Festival, I will seriously think about that one, it sounds like a really good idea, and I would love to see the puppets. Perhaps you would like to bring your puppets to our Parade next year, it will take place on the 19th & 20th June (Sat/Sun). I am trying to get 100 giants on the streets. It is the 100th Anniversary of virtually everything in Chester next year; the pageant; guides; scouting; cathedral organ; Civic Trust.... so 100 Giants seems like the figure to go for. A Taiko Band to accompany your puppets would be good too. Funding is coming on-line for this project so a fee and accommodation are looking like a distinct possibility. Let me know what you think. Where can I see your puppets? Are they on your website?
I'm trying to get the picture to show here but the picture editor isnt working for me ... oh well: try this link:
Hi Rob,
What a great Parade, it's much more mardi gras than ours; although Watergate Street shops started a mardi gras festival in Chester this year.
The puppets are brilliant and I would love to have them in our Parade next summer if that is at all possible.
Like you I am struggling to get "add image" to work. I'll go on your website and find an email address for you and send you a couple of images of the Giant Parade.
Hi, I've just added our BIG KIC event to the calendar, finally all the funding is coming on stream and we are planning a great festival in Agust, weather permitting!



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