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Hello everyone. I'm in the start-up phase of a new social enterprise, and all being well in the next 12 months we will start to see some good initial income (mix of grant and trading income), having spent R&D time reaching out to potential partners. I have a simple question, as someone who has never managed company accounts, or needed to produce a P&L or a balance sheet, how can I access affordable accountancy when I am working bootstrap? Can anyone recommend a good simple service which will suffice until we have more cash in the company? Thank you for any advice! 

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Id say literally ask accountants in your circle to sponsor you for the first year, maybe offer certain positive pr for them like name drops or a logo on your website

Cheeky but a good accountant can make all the difference. We do have guys on here who provide advice for free and reasonable services but we do not endorse anyone :-) 



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