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OK. Having thought about my recent posts, it got me thinking.

It is obvious that, no matter the reasoning, funders are in general looking for some kind of assurance that their grant/loan etc. will be put to good use. Thus the requirement for 2 or 3 unrelated directors or, as mentioned in my last posting, co-signers of a cheque book, that quite frankly will never see it's way out of the drawer.


Now looking at that point, there would appear to be an opportunity for those who have created a CIC, or looking to create a CIC, to work together with others who have similar social ethics, with a view to having a level of input into each others CIC by way of being a Committee Member, or even a Director, ultimately helping each others community.


It can be extremely difficult and a daunting task to find or approach like minded people to be a Director or Committee Member to help your CIC.


The CIC association is without doubt an excellent starting point for such collaboration, if it fits in with the goals or plans of the Founders of the association. Over to you John.


I personally encourage any input into this CIC and naturally, if I can help another CIC or CIC's by being a committee member, ultimately helping another community, then that is good by me.


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Liking this :-)

I agree with Paul, I mentioned a while back that there should be an opportunity created to link those who are "Already doing" with those aspiring "To do" or just needs help in some way, perhaps in the form of CIC mentors but like with anything this takes time and resources from the association.

I equally would be interested to talk to CIC founders, our focus is supporting Geeky young people aged 8 - 25, their parents and your local community by looking at how to meet their needs within a digital technology maker context.

Anyone can contact me at

Hi Paul, I like your inputs great thinking material.

I myself went a few steps further and deeper and actually I have invented a complete new business model and framework which provides solutions for C.I.C finance and to the same time will put the C.I.Cs in a new light and makes us much more populare among the other business legal structures. 

I have presented my model and framework to a few people and it shows a big interest! So I have created a second business through which I like to provide a consulting and service to people and to promote my model to help C.I.Cs in UK.

Now my question is how could I connect with the leading responsible people of the C.I.C Association. I would wish that everybody has the opportunity and chance to learn from my model.

Please contact me on:


Hi Paul, Excellent idea!

My husband and I are the Directors of Move4words CIC, and we fall foul of the requirements to have unrelated directors for various funding opportunities.

We work in Primary Education, using a novel method of helping deprived children improve their attention and awareness, with really positive impact on literacy and academic attainment.

If there is anyone out there in CIC land in a similar educational area who would like to join our board in return for reciprocal support from us, please let us know!

Buffy McClelland

I think this is a very good idea:) My husband and I fall foul of the unrelated director requirement, although he is the money behind our project and I'm the paperwork etc :) We have appointed 2 directors to  balance our governance out, but had we known about this idea sooner, it would have been really useful.



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