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Hi again guys

Another query for all you in the know, please.

As there are only five of us, we are to be incorporating as a small private CIC ltd by guarantee, we believe we have to adopt the Model 1 Articles of Association, is this correct? On this model it states that "all members will be directors". If we have one person in our small group who cannot be a director, will companies house allow them to still be a first member, and to sign the Memorandum of Association? Or will they have to join as a member after the incorporation has taken place?

Many thanks for reading.


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Hi Alice,

You shouldn't use the Regulator's Model 1, which as you say is for Guarantee CICs that have the same members and directors; use Model 2 (the descriptions 'small' and 'large' are misleading here - there's nothing to stop a 'Model 2' CIC being smaller than a 'Model 1') - or use one of my models, eg.

I can't think of anything that would prevent your 5th person being a Member.

Contact me via my website ( if you want to arrange a telephone conversation (no charge).

Fantastic, Thank you Geof! I really appreciate that.



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