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I don't know if anyone else has yet had occassion to look at the new '2006 Act' Model CIC Constitutions - but there are a number of problems. Some of these are technical (such as garbled cross-referencing between articles) but some may represent more serious problems for many social enterprises, such as the return of reference to 'mental disorder' - which Social Firms UK decided to throw out of its model constitutions years ago on the grounds that mental illness should be treated like any other loss of capability due to illness - and language such as 'chairman' rather than the simple alternative of 'chair' now used in most social enterprise constitutions. I don't have the time right now to go through all of the models and highlight all of the issues - but perhaps we as an Association can get organised to help out here?

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I'm getting dead links in the relevant PDF from the Regulators site - is that just me ?
Oh - the models weren't up for a week or so after the 2006 Act registration procedures implementation on 1st October, but they're working for me now (or the ones I've tried are) - they're in .doc format unfortunately - is this the problem?



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