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I recently founded Chamkanu CIC ( and am looking for (2 Nepali and 2 British) NEDs.  The NEDs won't have any dealings in the day-to-day running of the business, but, will help steer the company in the right direction and ensure it is successful.

As 2 will be based in Nepal and 2 will be in the UK, I am having trouble in deciding what a reasonable salary will be for each.  Given that they will all be of the same level, my initial thought was to pay them the same amount; however, I am not sure that would work as that would mean that the British NEDs would be earning:

a:  considerably more than I will be earning if if I pay them a UK NED salary.


b: considerably less than a NED in the UK ordinarily does if I pay them all the appropriate salary for a NED in Nepal.

I also have the issue of their salaries against my own.

I will live in Nepal and will work Monday - Friday, teaching mid morning before managing the office mid afternoon until late in the evening.  I anticipate working in the region of 50 - 60 hours a week and initially, my salary will be £400.  Until it is firmly established and we are doing well enough for me to start keeping all of the salary I do not spend, I will donate what is left of my salary each month back into the company.

Whilst the NEDs need to be paid a fair salary that reflects their skills and experience, I am not sure they should be paid more than me, or each other.

If anyone has any experience in an issue like this that they are happy to share with me, or, if anyone can offer any advice or suggestions, I'd be really grateful.

Furthermore, I have been advised that it is relatively easy to find people that are experienced in accounting, marketing, sales etc that will take on the role of a NED as a volunteer as they want to "give something back" and be a part of something that helps people to have a better quality of life.  Again, if anyone has any experience with this that they are happy to share with me, I'd be really grateful. 



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Hi Malikai

You can engage non exec on any terms really, and you should definitely try and see if they might do it pro-bono. You can pay them a reasonable amount, and they dont all have to receive the same payment.

It would probably be more efficient to have a Directors Loan account rather you drawing and donating money back to the company, you will need the advice of an accountant but a quick google should explain the basics.

You could pay your Nepal Directors and have pro-bono British Directors, or a mix to suit. Here's a really good write up on the main details:

Hiya John,

I wasn't aware that a director could loan the company money so this is a great help; thank you very much!




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