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Hi there,

Could anybody please suggest some basic reading on CIC please? All the stuff available only seems to be available online! Any books people would recommend or papers re. CIC's?

Many Thanks!


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hi kathryn - I was interviewed a few years back on CICs and I'm told that they became the most authoritative source of info on CICs in N Ireland when CICs were first introduced there; you can download and listen at numbers 7 & 8 - I'm also told that as they recorded in a face they're very accessible to listen to;

in terms of 'off line' material, the only things I could think to suggest are a few academic papers, but ther're a bit heavyweight;

if you're prepared to stick with it online, there are some good discussion threads on other forums that were insitigated before this ning forum was established -

hope those are of use




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