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Sailing for people in recovery with mental health problems


Sail Lias


Sail Lias’s main objectives are:

  • To promote independence

  • Assist mental health recovery

  • Overcome anxieties and self-esteem or confidence issues

  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications

  • Give them the ability to get back into employment.

  • To provide equal opportunities prevent stigma and discrimination


    Sail Lias will set up a charitable organisation (in process) and will with funding train its volunteers as dinghy instructors to teach sailing sessions to people in mental health recovery. Those suffering from social isolation, anxiety issues, depression, psychosis and other mental health related difficulties to assist them to engage within the community and achieve recognised RYA sailing qualifications. This will alleviate problems of anxiety assist in recovery and maintain independence. Something that the Mental health teams do not offer – they offer coffee mornings, walks, trips out but nothing adventurous in the outdoor environment which has been proven to be beneficial tp health. Sailing is also considered a low level sport also.


    I deal with vulnerable people who are at most need particular in this age of mental health. More needs to be done and I plan to implement this to provide them with the best quality of life they can experience. Trained professionals will be involved so communication and their needs will be met if they are to become too distressed during these times. As professionals In this area we are aware and trained on how to deescalate behaviours whn they may become unmanageable upsetting or frightening for the individual.


    This grant would help towards the cost of the equipment and the qualifications that the participants will be gaining as we aim to keep costs to the participants at a very low or any level of financial contribution at all. This will be run by trained volunteers. The work can be deemed successful once the project is under way. There has been a large number of expressions of interest and demand in this innovative idea. Promoting equal opportunities will enable keen sailors to progress to the stages with other people who do not suffer from similar difficulties they will be able to engage with the community and succeed further if they wish to pursue further in sailing.


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